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UFOs: Who Cares and Why?

I’m sure people get tired of hearing me say that the single most important discovery in all of human history would be the confirmation of intelligent, space-traveling extraterrestrial life… exceeded only by contact with it. Of course, I think that most everyone would also agree
with the statement.

Repetition is said to be one of the main mechanisms used for successful learning. And so, what can we learn about UFOs and extraterrestrials and why should we care…unless the most important event in human history has indeed already occurred? There doesn’t seem to be any official recognition of such an event, let alone evidence of extraterrestrial life.

But according to all of the information in the so-called paranormal, UFO, alternative and New Age media, not only are there extraterrestrials in UFOs coming to Earth but they’ve long been present all over the planet. And they haven’t just been minding their own business either. They’ve supposedly been secretly working for the US government (certainly a job worth traveling through time and space for) and also making alien-human hybrid babies, abducting all sorts of people and stealing their genetic material from them, etc. We’re told that the reason for this is that they need our genetics to help them save their race from extinction. So they’ve come here to get the really good stuff because they want to be…just like us.

That sounds really plausible doesn’t it? After all, we have very short lifespans, all sorts of degenerative diseases, and as for our emotions, we are pathologically violent, aggressive, short- tempered, unreasonable, filled with rage against our fellow human beings, constantly at war, terrorizing each other, etc. You will also notice that almost every major motion picture about extraterrestrials, usually referred to as “aliens”, portray them as violent, monstrous, evil, bent on destruction and domination over us, etc.

In other words, just like with God… we’ve made extraterrestrials in our own image.

With such crazy and fearful thinking, let alone the absence of any testable, verifiable evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs except for what’s been presented by Billy Meier, the overall UFO field is a circus with a variety of ringleaders who more fittingly belong there than on any stage, or radio show, speaking about a subject they actually know absolutely nothing about. The whole field of UFOlogy Is, therefore, basically the least scientific of any field, especially one that should certainly be adhering to the strictest scientific standards for examining evidence and drawing informed conclusions about it.

The question is then, what is this field of UFOlogy really all about and why should we care about it at all? A good answer is that UFOlogy is largely intended for, focused on and in the service of, disinformation (from intelligence agencies, etc.) that is, at the bottom line, designed and intended to keep people away from the only authentic extraterrestrial UFO contact case, that of Billy Meier, which is still ongoing in Switzerland for over… 75 years. One of the ironies in the Meier case is that, unlike virtually all the rest of the other claimed UFO cases, which have no significant, testable evidence that could even begin to be authenticated as something of extraterrestrial origin or manufacture, the Meier case is overflowing with six categories of physical evidence and over 26,000 pages of informational evidence. Among those thousands of pages are, to date, over 200 specific examples of prophetically accurate scientific and world event information.

Now, if what I’m saying is true, if the independent expert scientific analyses and authentication of the physical evidence, which now spans over 30 years, is to be considered credible, then it it is very obvious that those people who actively fight against this case – and there are many, many of them in the UFO community – are not only biased, uninformed and lacking in critical thinking skills, but they stand opposed to their own expressed interest in supposedly learning the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. What sense does that make?

Many of them have joined utterly useless organizations like MUFON, and others, that also deliberately hide and attack the authenticity of the Meier case. Ironically, they’ve put themselves in the strange position of being among the very last to know the truth about UFOs. This isn’t only a strange kind of behavior, it is truly symptomatic of a lot of people, especially in America, who think they know everything, but who are imprisoned by politics and religion, and who almost above everything seek entertainment and diversion from reality. What better place to find it than in UFOlogy, the perfect distraction, entertainment and disinformation all neatly wrapped up in one little bundle?

As I’ve also mentioned many times before, if there really are extraterrestrials in UFOs who’ve found their way to Earth – and I’m not talking about all the imaginary alien abduction scenarios, etc.– then there certainly must be a reason for it. It’s safe to assume that’s such a highly advanced, space-traveling race, which would also be very long-lived by necessity to master space travel, would have a very specific reason not only for coming here also for letting themselves being detected at all. Above that, if the Meier case really is singularly authentic, then they must have a very good reason to establish contact with someone on Earth and, to be clear, with just one person. With these contacts now going on for more than 75 years, that purpose can in fact be summed up by saying that they are here to assist us to ensure our own very threatened future survival without direct interference.

Many people say that it can’t be true. But our own history bears out that we can’t even get along with each other, and any such beings from the stars that would openly approach us in a peaceful way would not likely survive the experience. Whether we agree or not, the fact is that there will not be contact with extraterrestrials, certainly not broad and open contact, for a very long time. And that assumes that we, the people of Earth, will survive ourselves and our stupid, aggressive and warlike ways. Truly, that is not yet assured.

Because the evidence in the Meier case is not only the best evidence, because it truly is the only real evidence, it’s very important that people examine it and the credible scientific analyses of it, and decide the truth for themselves. They will not get that truth from the so-called UFO experts, the mainstream media, the alternative media, or even most of the online programs and channels that discuss UFOs and extraterrestrials. The reason is that profiteering, clamoring to be in the spotlight and become famous, and all sorts of other aberrations that have grown to epidemic levels in America, still rule the day. This is why we say that there is nothing to believe in the Billy Meier case; one must think it through for themselves.

The core, the foundational purpose of these contacts is to bring us the very ancient, non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.
This is the same spiritual teaching, previously brought to us on Earth by the Plejaren and taught by the six prophets before Meier, and that was corrupted into religions and belief systems. It is the same ancient teaching of this very universe, this Creation that we live in, and by which the Plejaren people themselves also further their own evolution. It is the spiritual teaching that helps us learn how to assure our future survival, how to think and how to truly live.

Don’t you think it’s time you found out the truth for yourself?

UFOs: Who Cares and Why?
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UFOs: Who Cares and Why?
Michael Horn introduces you to the Billy Meier case.
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Michael Horn

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for Billy Meier, a reclusive man living in a rugged, rural area of Switzerland, who claims that his still ongoing UFO contacts with Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings began in 1942, when he was only five years old. https://theyfly.com/ - https://theyflyblog.com/


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