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Many believe that you can communicate with the spirit world using an Ouija Board, while many believe it is peoples sub conscious minds that move the planchette or pointer. Some people take it seriously, for others it’s just a bit of fun. Some people walk away from the experience feeling good after encountering the spirits of loved ones but there are some that have darker and far more terrifying experiences, that result in their lives being shattered.

One such entity is Zozo, also called ZaZa, MaMa, Oz, Zo, Za, and Abacus. He is also referenced as Pazuzu the demon or soul snatcher. According to an article from the early 1900’s, Brook Kenilworth had her soul stolen by her husband “ZoZo” who was mystic. Although this could have no connection to the entity at all.

Brook Kenilworth claims her husband Zozo stole her soul…


Although no one really knows who or what Zuzu is, everybody who has encountered the entity have  had extreme, negative experiences including bad luck, depression, thoughts of suicide, and in some cases they have reported that the entity raped them. Although Zozo is heavily associated with the Ouija Board, people have claimed they have contacted the entity while performing pendulum sessions, automatic writing, electronic voice phenomena and even spirit photography, although I would be interested to know how they identified the entity via a photo.

An Ouija Board

“Former military policeman Garry Hodges received a job offer that required him to move to Lawton, Oklahoma, which ended up being a fresh start for not only him but for his two brothers, Kevin and Westly, as well. Garry found a house big enough for himself, his girlfriend Heather and her young daughter Caitlin, Kevin, Westly and Westly’s girlfriend Sabrina.

From the very start, something was odd about the house. The previous tenant wouldn’t reveal why he was suddenly breaking his lease, and when first walking through the house, Garry found that all of the lights in the house were on in the middle of the afternoon — even in the closets.

Garry Hodges

Things get even stranger after the extended family moves in. There is the pervasive sound of heavy footsteps coming from upstairs. The closet light in Garry and Heather’s bedroom turns on by itself. A water glass falls off the table of its own accord and shatters. One evening, all of the cabinets and drawers, as well as the refrigerator and oven, are found wide open.

At first, Garry accused his brothers of pulling pranks, but after a glass flew off the table during a heated family argument in the kitchen, it became apparent that something was in the house with them.

The events take a dangerous turn one night when Garry’s shower is interrupted by the deafening sound of heavy footsteps directly above him. When Heather came into the bathroom, Garry was suddenly attacked by an unseen presence, resulting in deep claw scratches on his back.

One night soon thereafter, the presence started targeting Kevin, revealing itself in his bedroom as a large dark figure with hair and horns. When Garry and Westly went into Kevin’s room to investigate, they found nothing, though Garry was soon drawn to Caitlin’s room, where he found the word ‘ZOZO’ written on the dirty window.

Zozo written on a dirty window in Gary’s daughters bedroom

Some Internet research revealed that Zozo is a demon that brings ill will, bad luck, death, suicide … all sorts of fun stuff. Zozo is also affiliated with Ouija boards, which prompts the brothers to make their own in an attempt to communicate with the creature. The family seemingly succeeds in contacting it when the shot glass planchette spells out Z-O-Z-O after Sabrina asks “What is your name?”; things take a much darker turn when Garry asks “What do you want?” and it spells out K-I-L-L G-A-R-R-Y. The brothers immediately burn the makeshift Ouija board.

Trying to communicate with Zozo…

The final confrontation came a week later with the sound of deafening footsteps coming from Garry and Heather’s room. The brothers went upstairs to investigate and were terrified to find a large bull-like creature pacing around the bedroom. The creature soon became aware of their presence and charged them, forcing the brothers to flee downstairs. Garry’s fear soon turned to anger and he called out the beast, which prompted it to descend the staircase and face Garry in the living room.

“Get outta here!” Garry screamed at the demon as his family looked on in terror. The beast let out a horrific roar, which caused all of the glass in the room to shatter. Afterwards, the beast disappeared, though what looked like a cloud of shattered glass hovered in the air for a moment before the shards suddenly flew toward Garry, who ducked just in time.

Garry, Heather, Caitlin, Kevin, Westly and Sabrina moved out shortly thereafter.” – Paranormal Witness

Researches have discovered that before 2009 Zuzu was pretty much unheard of, until a man named Darren Wayne Evans posted an article on a true ghost story sharing website in March of that year. He reported several terrifying encounters with the entity that generated a lot of interest from the public. He started a website to showcase his story and began to style himself as a “Zozooligist”.

Darren’s story soon gained the interest of some aspiring film makers from One World Studios and in 2012 they released the movie I Am Zozo, with Darren being invited to star in a cameo role.

I Am Zuzu Movie Poster

Darren was then invited to document his encounters on the popular show Ghost Adventures where he continued to elaborate on his story, adding more details to his encounters. After working on a new book, in 2016 Evans revealed in a news paper interview that he had discovered a strange Ouija Board under his girlfriends house. He described it as “weird looking” and “menacing” and claimed that the front of the board had the word Zozo written on it. However later in his book, he said that on the front of the board it was a standard vintage William Fuld Ouija design and on the back it said Zozo. Although no photographic evidence exists of the board Darren provides sketches in his book.

In an attempt to strengthen his claims, Darren tried to use an extract from a historical book to make himself more credible. He claimed the first documented mention of an entity named Zozo was found in a book from 1818 by a French author, The Dictonairre Infernal. After translating this book the entity Zozo was created by a girl who wanted to pretend she had been possessed by evil spirits. It was discovered that she had already been punished for her antics once before but she obviously did not learn her lesson.

A video appeared on Youtube claiming to show a real encounter with Zozo…

This video however, is owned by a film company called Stars Media which has links to the owners and producers of One World Studios. Although it could be genuine footage, the fact that it is so heavily linked to the company that profited from Darren’s story destroys any of its credibility. LiveSciFi is also owned by this same company.

It would appear that Darren Evans created a story that, although he was unable to accurately retell at any point, it still became a money making machine. Since then the internet has spread his story causing many to be tricked into thinking Zozo is a real entity. Often when people apparently encounter this entity they have usually heard of Zozo before or they are trying to contact him directly. I think that if people already have a predefined idea of something in their head it might support the theory that the Ouija Board is driven my your subconscious, also known as the ideomotor effect.

As in reflexive responses to pain, the body sometimes reacts reflexively with an ideomotor effect to ideas alone without the person consciously deciding to take action. The effects of automatic writing, dowsing, facilitated communication, and Ouija boards have been attributed to the phenomenon. – Wikipedia

I’ll leave the existence of demons to your imagination. Just because Zozo is a hoax doesn’t discredit all other encounters while using a device like an Ouija Board. What ever you decide, I think it’s safe to say that they are not toys and should be used with caution.

If you have ever used one or have had a strange experience, comment below!

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