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The Pilliga Princess

The Pilliga Scrub is a massive expanse of thick bush land in the central, upper half of New South Wales, Australia. An area spanning 80 x 120 Km. Things go missing in this area all of the time, from sheep and cattle, to people and vehicles, never to be seen again. Stories have emerged from the forest that send chills down your spine. One of the legends is that of the Pilliga Princess.

The legend began with “The Bag Lady” who lived in the scrub. She was often seen pushing around an old shopping trolley, filled with her belongings along the road. Truck drivers would see her at night, walking in complete darkness. She was a scary looking old woman and was completely crazy. The drivers named her the Pilliga Princess.

For many years she was a familiar sight along that stretch of road through the scrub to regular travelers, particularly the truckers. Because the area had and still has unexplained terrifying stories associated with it, the locals would tell you that you would have to be completely crazy to venture out there at night. People passing through, seeing the Princess for the first time would see her as an almost terrifying ghostly figure, even if they had heard the tales of the crazy old lady beforehand.

One night, in 1993, the Pilliga Princess was hit and killed by a truck. The driver reported that she had been wondering across the road and he hadn’t seen her until it was too late. As she was lit up by the head lights of his truck, the princess turned and looked up at him and started to run towards the truck with her arms outstretched. The driver described seeing the white hair flaring out around her wild eyed face with an expression of manic glee. Since then many different truck drivers have claimed they have seen the princess pushing her trolley at night, just like she had done for many years before she was killed. One driver claims he even hit her trolley but the Princess was no where to be seen.

As more and more people hear these legends, interest of the Pilliga scrubs mysteries grow. A popular Australian radio program called Overnights was featuring some of these legendary tales when they received one of the most disturbing phone calls from a listener named Bongo. Take a listen in the video below:

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I have told many people this story after I first heard it and without hearing Bongo’s voice they just don’t seem to really believe it, at least not until they hear it for themselves. It’s the way he recalls his story that puts the hairs up on the back of my neck. As he relives those traumatising moments his stutter worsens and struggles to get his words out. I have tried researching into the caller Bongo with no luck. It seems that the retreat he mentions he is currently staying at does not exist, or at least no records can be found online. If the call is a hoax they did an extremely good job. Tell me what you think in the comments below!


The Pilliga Princess
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The Pilliga Princess
The Australian legend, the bag lady or also known as The Pilliga Princess. Listen to Bongo's crazy encounter while spending the night in the vast scrub!
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