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Billy Meier, Fraud or Prophet?

When I started learning about Billy Meier I first thought of a modern day Enoch. Who was Enoch?

Enoch is a character from the Bible, first mentioned in Genesis chapter five. He was described as ‘walking with God’ and because he was so faithful, ‘god took him away’. His book was excluded from the Bible because religious leaders decided it was uninspired, however a book that came from one of the few men ‘taken away’ by God might be closer to the truth than they would like to admit. Can we trust it? Well if you trust any of the Bible, the book of Jude chapter one, verse fourteen and fifteen quote directly from Enoch’s book and fragments of the book date back to the 2nd century BC.

Enoch’s book is different than the other books in the Bible, mainly because his accounts sound more like an Alien abduction than the usual image we have of God and Angels.

Vintage illustration from the book “Collected stories” by A.S. Pushkin published in 18xx, Russia

Behold, in that vision clouds and a mist invited me; agitated stars and flashes of lightning impelled and pressed me forwards, while winds in the vision assisted my flight, accelerating my progress. They elevated me aloft to heaven. I proceeded, until I arrived at a wall built with stones of crystal. A vibrating flame surrounded it, which began to strike me with terror. Into this vibrating flame I entered; And drew nigh to a spacious habitation built also with stones of crystal. Its walls too, as well as pavement, were formed with stones of crystal, and crystal likewise was the ground. Its roof had the appearance of agitated stars and flashes of lightning; and among them were cherubim of fire in a stormy sky. A flame burned around its walls; and its portal blazed with fire. When I entered into this dwelling, it was hot as fire and cold as ice. No trace of delight or of life was there. Terror overwhelmed me, and a fearful shaking seized me.

Violently agitated and trembling, I fell upon my face. In the vision I looked,  And behold there was another habitation more spacious than the former, every entrance to which was open before me, erected in the midst of a vibrating flame. So greatly did it excel in all points, in glory, in magnificence, and in magnitude, that it is impossible to describe to you either the splendor or the extent of it.

Its floor was on fire; above were lightnings and agitated stars, while its roof exhibited a blazing fire.  Attentively I surveyed it, and saw that it contained an exalted throne; The appearance of which was like that of frost; while its circumference resembled the orb of the brilliant sun; and there was the voice of the cherubim.

From underneath this mighty throne rivers of flaming fire issued. To look upon it was impossible.

One great in glory sat upon it: Whose robe was brighter than the sun, and whiter than snow. No angel was capable of penetrating to view the face of Him, the Glorious and the Effulgent; nor could any mortal behold Him. A fire was flaming around Him.

A fire also of great extent continued to rise up before Him; so that not one of those who surrounded Him was capable of approaching Him, among the myriads of ‘myriads who were before Him. To Him holy consultation was needless. Yet did not the sanctified, who were near Him, depart far from Him either by night or by day; nor were they removed from Him. I also was so far advanced, with a veil on my face, and trembling. Then the Lord with his own mouth called me, saying, Approach hither, Enoch, at my holy word.

And He raised me up, making me draw near even to the entrance. My eye was directed to the ground. – The Book of Enoch 14:9-25

He continues:

They raised me up into a certain place, where there was the appearance of a burning fire; and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of men. They carried me to a lofty spot, to a mountain, the top of which reached to heaven.  And I beheld the receptacles of light and of thunder at the extremities of the place, where it was deepest. There was a bow of fire, and arrows in their quiver, a sword of fire, and every species of lightning.

Then they elevated me to a babbling stream, and to a fire in the west, which received all the setting of the sun. I came to a river of fire, which flowed like water, and emptied itself into the great sea westwards.

I saw every large river, until I arrived at the great darkness. I went to where all of flesh migrate; and I beheld the mountains of the gloom which constitutes winter, and the place from which issues the water in every abyss. I saw also the mouths of all the rivers in the world, and the mouths of the deep. – The Book of Enoch 17:1-6

If I didn’t know any better I would say that Enoch might be describing being taken to a point overlooking the Earth, seeing our planet as modern astronauts see it today. I can only speculate. Enoch then goes on to describe how he travels over the world and is shown many different things. All his questions are answered by the Holy Angels. Chapter thirty-seven is interesting:

And let not us, who come after, obstruct the beginning of wisdom. Until the present period never has there been given before the Lord of spirits that which I have received, wisdom according to the capacity of my intellect, and according to the pleasure of the Lord of spirits; that which I have received from him, a portion of life eternal.

And I obtained three parables, which I declared to the inhabitants of the world. – The Book of Enoch 37:2-3

Enoch shares a warning. The warning of what is still yet to come. He describes how the Angels shared with him secret knowledge and taught him many things. So what about Billy Meier, what could Enoch possibly have in common with him?

Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937 in Switzerland. He became famous when he started to release very genuine looking photos of UFOs and claimed to be in contact with them. He also presented other material during the 1970s such as metal samples, sound recordings and film footage. Meier reports regular contacts with extraterrestrials he calls the Plejaren. In case you were wondering, The nickname “Billy” came by way of an American friend who thought Meier’s cowboy style of dress reminded her of “Billy the Kid”.


Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier


Meier says that the Plejaren gave him permission to photograph and film their beamships so that he could produce some evidence for their extraterrestrial visitations. This way he was able to get very close and take many broad-daylight photos and record many clear videos. He has created a cult following. Although I must admit a lot of his photos are very authentic looking a lot of the ones he claimed he took himself, while in space, have been debunked as photos he either took of his television or from Nasa’s early animations.

Billy Meier claims his extraterrestrial encounters began in 1942, when he was only five. He met an elderly Plejaren man named “Sfath” who died in 1953 and so Meier began communicating with an extraterrestrial woman called “Asket” although she was not a Plejaren. He then claims that all contact stopped in 1964, but later resumed on January 28, 1975, when he met “Semjase”,  who was the granddaughter of Sfath, and shortly thereafter another Plejaren man called “Ptaah”. Other Plejarens, including a woman named “Nera”, have since allegedly joined the dialog as well. Photographs of these two women were later proved to have been faked.

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  Billy Meier’s supporters and believers defend his photos as real and many specialists have tried to duplicate his work and debunk it. The supporters claim you can clearly see reflections in the UFOs that prove the authenticity of the photos, but is that enough to go on?

Meier’s Beam Ship


Billy Meier also claimed he knew of prophesies, including a meteor that will yet hit the Earth. He told people that the Aliens had warned him and unless he persuaded his fellow Humans to act, it would end in devastation. Many still believe his claims to this day, despite them all being debunked.

From the evidence available on the internet it appears Billy Meier was nothing but a conman. Out to make money. In 1997 Billy broke up with his wife Kalliope. She stated in an interview that the UFO in the photos looked like models that Meier had made himself with items like trash can lids, carpet tacks and other household objects, and that the stories he told of his adventures with the aliens were similarly fictitious. She also said that photos of purported extraterrestrial women “Asket” and “Nera” were really photos of Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, members of the singing and dancing troupe The Golddiggers; it was later confirmed that Meier’s claims were faked and that DellaFave and Lund were in fact the women in the photographs, as I showed you earlier.

Update: Borthwey’s comments have lead me to conduct further reading and research into the Billie Meier case, I will update this article when and if I have reached a different conclusion. – Thanks for the comments, I am always happy to discuss ideas and thoughts.

Maybe Billy Meier has nothing in common with Enoch, maybe it is a modern retelling. I will leave you to make your own judgement.

Billy Meier, Fraud or Prophet?
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Billy Meier, Fraud or Prophet?
Is Billy Meier the modern Enoch?
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